Revisiting Radio, Newspapers and Mobile Phones as Mediums of Enhancing Agricultural Productivity: A Review

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Toh Kelvin Nkwain
Lamin K. M. Fatty


Several approaches are used by extension systems to disseminate agricultural information and these approaches depend on the objectives of the extension systems, locality and available resources. Radio, newspapers and mobile phones have been used for the dissemination of agricultural innovation but it is necessary to revisit these mediums in this era where there is fast technological improvement. This review aim at suggesting ways of improving on the use of radio, newspapers and android phones in enhancing agricultural productivity. From the documents reviewed, radio and newspapers are good mediums of creating awareness to the general public on agricultural innovations but it has been politicized. Also, android phones though seen as individual extension method, can be adapted and used as a group method. It is suggested that in order to improve these mediums, more agricultural programs should be initiated especial in community radios, creating a column in public newspapers for agricultural information and strengthening agricultural newspapers publishers, connecting newspapers houses with agricultural research centres, creating ‘Whats App’ groups for farmers, and the government partnering with the mobile communication companies to be sending agricultural updates to the general population through short messages. Therefore, we recommend that the government should encourage private radio stations and newspapers houses by funding agricultural programmes and also that mobile telephone and radio signals should be upgraded and adult education encourage.

Radio, newspapers, mobile phones, enhancing, agricultural productivity

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Nkwain, T. K., & Fatty, L. K. M. (2019). Revisiting Radio, Newspapers and Mobile Phones as Mediums of Enhancing Agricultural Productivity: A Review. Asian Journal of Language, Literature and Culture Studies, 2(3), 1-6. Retrieved from
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