The English Language Difficulties and Language Learning Strategies of Foreign Students

Aparece, Mechie L. *

Davao Doctors College, Inc., Philippines.

Arcipe, Carlo Vinci L.

Department of Education, Elpidio Quirino Elementary School, Philippines.

Ayog, Keysie Jean A.

Department of Education, Sibulan National High School, Philippines.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


This study mainly intends to identify the relationship between English language difficulties and language learning strategies of foreign students. It utilized descriptive-correlational research design. The study was conducted in  a higher education institution located in Southern Philippines. This study included seventeen (17) foreign students using criterion sampling. The data was collected using an adapted survey questionnaire which has been tested for validity and checked for reliability using Cronbach Alpha. To analyze the data, Mean and Pearson’s r were used. Results revealed that there is a significant relationship between English language difficulties and language learning strategies of foreign students. Additionally, it has been indicated that there is a moderate level of both study variables. This study contributed significant insights to the academic institutions, school administrators, teachers, foreign students, and future researchers.

Keywords: Language, english language difficulties, language learning strategies, foreign students, Philippines

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Mechie L., Aparece, Arcipe, Carlo Vinci L., and Ayog, Keysie Jean A. 2024. “The English Language Difficulties and Language Learning Strategies of Foreign Students”. Asian Journal of Language, Literature and Culture Studies 7 (2):282-90.


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