The Cultural Impact of Manga on Society

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Harsh Mahaseth


The industry of Japanese comic books (‘mangas’) has taken the world by storm since the late 20th century. Not only do mangas hold a large market share in Japan, but they have also attracted a global audience and become a popular medium for a broad range of genres. In foreign countries, they are not only selling well but also penetrating the local culture. Mangas have been successful in transcending cultural barriers and making an important and lasting impression on audiences around the globe. At first, this success was limited, but now the imagination of readers has been captured everywhere, spawning a fan base that has been increasing day by day. These comics have nonetheless faced quite a few problems along the way. This paper will focus on the evolution of mangas in society, their content, and criticism of them and their cultural influence on society, with specific references to China and the U.S.

Manga, evolution, society, culture, Japan.

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