Assessment in Higher Education: A Critical Review of a Masters-Level Module’s Assessment Procedures

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Hamza Alshenqeeti


This paper presents a brief evaluation of a Masters-level module taught in a number of UK universities within language and linguistics departments. It will illuminate the underlying rationale for the module’s assessment procedures in assessing students’ learning; aiming not only for description and explanation, but for evaluation. Furthermore, in connection with assessment literature, issues of validity and reliability of the module’s assessment will also be discussed. To end with, suggestions which may improve the assessment procedures of the module under study will be presented, before a conclusion is drawn up.

Assessment, formative assessment, reliability, summative assessment, validity

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Alshenqeeti, H. (2020). Assessment in Higher Education: A Critical Review of a Masters-Level Module’s Assessment Procedures. Asian Journal of Language, Literature and Culture Studies, 3(1), 11-18. Retrieved from
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