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This journal is an international journal and scope is not confined by the boundary of any country or region.</p> Asian Journal of Language, Literature and Culture Studies en-US Asian Journal of Language, Literature and Culture Studies A Phonological-Pragmatic Analysis of the Saudi Ministry of Health Official Spokesperson's Speech on COVID-19 <p>The aim of this study is to investigate the pragmatic functions of the proclaiming and referring information tones employed in coved-19's speech by the Saudi Ministry of health (MOH) official spokesperson in relation to termination. Moreover, the study examines if the termination component could relate to dominance-non-dominance factors based on Brazil's model [1]. 13 speech excerpts were selected from The Saudi (MOH) spokesperson's speech based on four information criteria chosen for the study. 127 tone units were analyzed acoustically and intonation contours, mean pitch and intensity values were obtained by using praat’s autocorrelation algorithm with a pitch range of 100-500Hz. Results show that the most frequently used tone by the speaker was the (rise) referring+ tone with high pitch value. The dominance factor was higher than the non-dominance factor, which indicates that the speaker was the controller of the discourse as most of his speech carried additive and contrastive information. High termination pitch level correlates with the dominance factor, while high termination intensity level correlates with the non-dominance factor. This study could highlight the importance of intonation as a communicative tool to carry implicit meanings.</p> Reem Maghrabi ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-01-05 2022-01-05 1 17 Enhancing Foreign Language Reading Comprehension with a Peer Tutored Online Flipped Classroom Approach <p><strong>Aims</strong><strong>:</strong> The focus of the study is to address the issue of reading difficulties among foreign language students. As peer tutors at the Writing Centre and as Bachelor of Arts students majoring in French language and translation, the researchers observed that most students faced some level of reading comprehension difficulties and are not able to truly benefit from the documents provided by their teachers. This research stems from the need to enhance reading comprehension for students of French as a foreign language.</p> <p><strong>Study Design:</strong> The researchers involved as peer tutors implemented a flipped classroom approach with their junior learners. Three junior students received one-to-one peer online inverted classroom tutoring twice weekly aiming to improve the students’ reading comprehension skills The peer tutors implemented a flipped classroom pedagogy, introduced the students to skimming through reading strategies, provided personalized learning opportunities, and meaningful practice.</p> <p><strong>Methodology</strong><strong>: </strong>A qualitative research design was selected to answer the research questions. The data was collected through online observations, discussions, and one-to-one semi-structured interviews. Thematic coding was used for the data analysis.</p> <p><strong>Results</strong><strong>:</strong> Findings revealed that the flipped classroom approach contributed to develop the students’ reading competence. Being able to deduct the context, and to identify the words which they needed to understand made the text accessible which in turn gave the students confidence and motivation. The flipped classroom became an enjoyable reading routine where students felt proficient because they were not solely reading to learn the language but to acquire knowledge and develop their interests. Moreover, learning French was no longer about passively attending lessons, but about actively reading, practicing.</p> <p><strong>Conclusion</strong><strong>:</strong> In the current global educational context, traditional learning is challenged by different approaches better suited to respond to sudden shifts to online learning. It is anticipated that the findings of this study will benefit instructors and students in similar contexts facing reading issues.</p> Buthaina Al Jabri Aya Alzakwani Maryam Alzeedi Serge Gabarre Cécile Gabarre ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-01-15 2022-01-15 18 32 Analytical Study of Sulaiman Layeq's Quatrain <p>studied analytically. The moral analysis of the chosen quatrain has been taken into consideration in this article. Efforts have been made to clarify and explain important words of all four lines of the quatrain and their relation with each other. The content of the chosen quatrain talks about human and thus it can be called a humanistic quatrain. The article explains all four lines of the quatrain. The quatrain has been taken from the book written by Layeq. Analyzing each line is the duty of the author and to prove his opinion, the author has used the references of other authors as well. The goal of the article is to analyze Layeq’s quatrain as an addition to Pashto Language which will pave the way to further research. It is a library research which has employed descriptive and analytical methods. The finding of the article is that the poems of Sulaiman Layeq like other poets have different subjects in the area of meaning. This quatrain is related to human, human genuineness and humanism. The poet is very careful in choosing the subject, employing words for his own purpose, tones, rhythm and rhyme of the couplets, and number of syllables. The value of the research is that many of the author’s poems particularly many of his quatrains, such as this one, need analysis and interpretation.</p> <p>Analyzing and explaining a quatrain is difficult task, however, based on my studies I have tried to fulfill its requirements completely. There are fewer references regarding this area, it needs author’s own analysis and description, and I have tried my best to complete the research nicely and professionally.</p> Sayed Asghar Hashimi Farmanullh Sultani Obaidullah Agheez ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-01-18 2022-01-18 33 38