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Current Issue

2024 - Volume 7 [Issue 2]

Original Research Article

Causes and Effects of Poor Reading among Ghanaian Students: A Case Study of Wamfie Anglican Primary School

Konadu Adam, Agbevenu Judith Sena , Patrick Akwasi Anamuah Mensah

Page: 206-215

Improving Business Results by Correctly Utilizing Business Culture

Sajjad Soleimanifar

Page: 216-223

Improving English Spelling of Class IV Students of Namgaycholing Primary School

Laxuman Gurung

Page: 224-239

Exploring the Impact of Culture Shock among Tertiary EFL Learners in Indonesia

Adrianus Nabung

Page: 240-250

Using Sentence Translation to Assess Bilingual Proficiency of Bhutanese ESL Learners

Tshering Om Tamang, Dechen Choney , Chencho Tshering , Sonam Wangmo Tamang

Page: 251-260

The English Language Difficulties and Language Learning Strategies of Foreign Students

Aparece, Mechie L., Arcipe, Carlo Vinci L., Ayog, Keysie Jean A.

Page: 282-290

Travails of College Teachers Handling Language Research Courses in the New Normal Setting: A Phenomenology

Jonel P. Siarot , Socorro L. Neri

Page: 291-312

Beyond Cultural Boundaries: A Cultural Theory Analysis of Identity Construction in Contemporary Philippine Short Stories

Vanessa Sacurom, Marie Angelie Joy Lim, Ariel San Jose

Page: 330-343

Post-Pandemic Writing Skills of Senior High School Honor Students: A Content Analysis

Joan V. Egonia, Ariel E. San Jose

Page: 374-389

Unveiling Class Struggle: A Marxist Reading of Filipino Short Stories

Abraham, Aivie M., Dapitanon, Charissa A., San Jose, Ariel E.

Page: 390-400

Strategy, Anxiety, and Belief in Language Learning: A Structural Equation Model in Students' Communicative Competence

Bai Famela Mae U. Kadatuan, Marilou Y. Limpot

Page: 401-415