Beyond Cultural Boundaries: A Cultural Theory Analysis of Identity Construction in Contemporary Philippine Short Stories

Vanessa Sacurom *

Holy Cross of Davao College, Davao City, Philippines.

Marie Angelie Joy Lim

Holy Cross of Davao College, Davao City, Philippines.

Ariel San Jose

Holy Cross of Davao College, Davao City, Philippines.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


This paper used cultural theory as a lens to examine how identity is constructed in contemporary short stories. The study examined how characters traversed cultural borders in their interactions and identities by analyzing a variety of narratives. Social identity theory provided a framework for understanding communication dynamics and group behavior, especially in situations including bias and conflict. The analysis focused on how these short stories illustrated the processes of negotiation, resistance, and adaptation that the characters have gone through in creating their identities in an increasingly interconnected world. Results emphasized instances of stereotyping and labeling and the characters' struggles with assimilation. There was additional emphasis on the importance of empathy and understanding in bridging cultural divides. Overall, this study highlighted the understanding of literary portrayals of identity, providing insights into how stories can bridge cultural divides and foster a deeper appreciation of human diversity.

Keywords: Identity construction, cultural theory, contemporary short stories, cultural, boundaries, cultural contexts, cultural identity

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Sacurom, Vanessa, Marie Angelie Joy Lim, and Ariel San Jose. 2024. “Beyond Cultural Boundaries: A Cultural Theory Analysis of Identity Construction in Contemporary Philippine Short Stories”. Asian Journal of Language, Literature and Culture Studies 7 (2):330-43.


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